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The last time I featured the exceptional filmmaker Schikhur was with his timely and powerful short film “Darkus Buckerbergius” The social and politically relevant insights he shared in this film moved me as well as my outlook on what is happening around me. He is the kind of filmmaker that uses his brilliance in storytelling into something more than meets the eye, instead of laying everything out for his audience, he uses his prowess in creating a mindboggling film that makes one think beyond the average. And he does it again in his new short film Peregrination.

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear or see the word peregrination? For me, peregrination is a much more profound meaning of the word journey, and this short film brought me to that realization. And I am quite sure that it will bring you to the same enlightenment once you see this film. If I may ask, have you ever seen a movie that leaves you blank right from the beginning? Well, if you haven’t, this film is the perfect opportunity to explore this uncanny way of exploring a different approach to storytelling. Schikhur’s method showed me resourcefulness and ingenuity that I have never learned from other filmmakers. He stirs up one’s curiosity and fuels the imagination. Where he engages you to think critically based on what you hear from the lines thrown and the ideas that fill up your mind.

Schikhur’s “Peregrination” with the caption kidnapping an individual or kidnapping individuality was nothing like I had expected it to be. I thought this was a simple kidnapping or probably an alien abduction from Area 51, but he proved me wrong. He engaged me to think deep with every word spoken by the lead character, whom he also played. To my surprise, I discovered an individual trapped within the lead character. The words he spoked were somehow relatable to almost every one of us, on how we are made to follow rules, act by what is socially acceptable, and live by the standards of society and by the law. It made me contemplate, am I too a victim of kidnapping individuality? If I am a victim of this madness, how do I take the necessary steps to emancipate myself from this if the world we live in created these borders to limit us from achieving our ultimate being? Well, you need to see this film to find out more, and I am pretty sure it will ignite the same thoughts on you too.

I have to admit, I am one of Schikhur’s biggest fan. He is a one-man team, and I applaud his efforts and passion for making an amazing and relevant film possible. He inspires me to be critical at all times. And with this film, Peregrination, he showed me a whole new level of being resourceful and creative. He had opened my eyes to a new perception that I will surely use from this day forward with every film I screen. Congratulations on this excellent one of a kind film, hope to see more!

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